The Holy Ones: St. Your Name Here

One thing I love about Church in the Cliff is that the conversational format allows for dissent and dialogue.  As soon as we began our series on saints, questions were raised:  “Isn’t canonization really a political process?”  “Is anyone really a saint?”  “Aren’t we all saints?”  Another thing I love about Church in the Cliff is that everyone came along …

A Guide in the Desert

At times, we all need a guide: Someone who listens to our life story with an ear for the movement of the Holy. Spiritual direction as a practice in the Christian tradition flourished during the time of the Desert Fathers and Mothers (between 300-600 CE). Something about being alone out there in the desert, looking to a) survive and b) grow as a Jesus- follower really foregrounded the need for some wise companionship. Someone to help you trust in the process and to say again and again “you are not alone” and “God meets you in this very moment.”