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Calling Again: An Apology

// January 22nd, 2015 // No Comments » // Church in The Cliff

I didn’t do a very good job last Sunday.  I’m sorry.  Ironically, the service was primarily about vocational call, so I spent a good bit of my opening proclaiming how pleased I am with my call and, by implication, how well-suited I am to it.  Then, as someone was speaking, I realized I was utterly […]

Carnival Cancelled! (Plus: Vote on the Budget!)

// January 17th, 2015 // No Comments » // Church in The Cliff

I was listening to a preacher on the excellent podcast, Working, and he talked about his preparations for Sunday.  Even though our contexts are quite different, his process was very familiar.  He said that you start with either a Scripture or an idea.  Once you figure out which one you have, you go get the […]

Tell Me a Story

// January 10th, 2015 // No Comments » // Church in The Cliff

I’ve been kind of stumped this week about what to say, both here in this message and on Sunday.  You would think it would be easy.  This week we celebrate the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptizer and remember our own baptisms.  For everything I love about Church in the Cliff, there is some […]

And Now for Something Completely Different

// January 3rd, 2015 // No Comments » // Church in The Cliff

Christmas, as I’m sure you know, is, for Christians, a celebration of the birth of Jesus.  He was born a helpless baby, in poverty, on the road, and threatened by an evil empire.  Next Tuesday we will celebrate Epiphany, the day when the Wise Ones arrived with gifts and named Jesus as King.  This is […]

Christmas Carol Breakfast

// December 24th, 2014 // No Comments » // Church in The Cliff

I will be brief.  We’re leaving town in a few hours.  I will be out this Sunday for a whirlwind tour of our families.  The truth is, I’m sad to miss this Sunday. One of the things that Church in the Cliff does well is that we adjust to the moment.  It has been a […]

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