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Loose Screws Sink Shelves

// July 27th, 2014 // No Comments » // Church in The Cliff

One of the things I think we have all noticed in reading Paul’s Letter to the Romans is a kind of divisiveness.  Paul is very concerned to draw distinctions, such as those who live according to the Flesh as opposed to the Spirit.  We see something similar in the language of the Matthew passages we […]

The Gospel According to Spike

// July 18th, 2014 // No Comments » // Church in The Cliff

Since it always works out for characters in the Bible, let’s go to the well one more time.  Our discussion of Buffy last week focused primarily on sin and the psyche.  We talked about the interior struggle for identity and integrity that this bit of pop culture mythologizes so well.  However, there is another side […]

The Gospel According to Buffy

// July 11th, 2014 // No Comments » // Church in The Cliff

I am a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I have watched the entire series, including the Angel spin-off, about six times.  I’m watching it again now.  Part of that is comfort; I know the show and know that I will enjoy it, so it’s easy to put on when I just want to […]

Vote for New Space and New Board

// July 1st, 2014 // No Comments » // Church in The Cliff

We would like to announce two votes that are currently open.  You may vote by emailing  See below for details on each vote. Vote #1: If you agree to empower the board to negotiate in good faith and sign a lease for the building at 1719 W. 10th Ave., vote, “Yes.”  If not, vote, […]

The Freedom to Be Formed

// June 28th, 2014 // No Comments » // Church in The Cliff

We have just passed Juneteenth and we are quickly approaching the Fourth of July, so freedom is on our minds.  Perhaps it is always on our minds as freedom-loving Americans.  And we are a Baptist church (it’s true!), so freedom is at the heart of who we are.  However, Paul did not write in a […]

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