Christmas Carol Breakfast

I will be brief.  We’re leaving town in a few hours.  I will be out this Sunday for a whirlwind tour of our families.  The truth is, I’m sad to miss this Sunday.

One of the things that Church in the Cliff does well is that we adjust to the moment.  It has been a very busy time with the holidays and getting the building ready.  We can go low-key.  Someone – lots of someones – step up and provide their gifts to the community.

In the hustle and bustle we haven’t made a lot of plans, but the intention is to have a Christmas carol brunch.  Mikal Beth will be on the keys for a sing-along.  We have chairs, but the tables will be delivered next week, so bring some blankets and it will be a breakfast picnic.  Bring some breakfasty food – breakfast tacos, a casserole, buy some muffins, cut up some fruit or don’t cut it up.  Whatever.  It will be fun.  Jesus feasted with his people and we’ll do the same.  Maybe there will be mimosas!

I suppose I should say something about Christmas and the New Year.  We have been in a time of waiting, but now the light is breaking over the horizon.  It is the time to move forward into that light.  When I look at the people each week at Church in the Cliff, I see the embodiment of the Gospel: transformation, community, hospitality, justice.  I’m very excited about what we have done in the past year and I’m even more excited about how things are shaping up going forward.  I really enjoy the people that are working for this church and I look forward to what we can do with the intelligence, insight, creativity, and diligence of the people who have determined to form a community.  We are now celebrating the beginning of Jesus’ life.  It was a life filled with great sacrifice and great celebration, great faith, love, and hope for the world.  I am pleased to be among people who follow in his Way and anxiously anticipate what lies ahead.

Please join us, 11am at Church in the Cliff, 1719 W. 10th St., for a lovely, relaxed, post-Christmas breakfast.

Grace & Peace,

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