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So Scott Shirley and I will be on Fox 4 news tonight at 5:30 talking about how we use social networking in our church. They wanted to see me in action in my regular life, so it was pretty hectic as I was the parent volunteer in our Montessori Coop this morning. And baby Perl had to go to the emergency room last night b/c of a bad fall on her head. She is ok, but I’m still sleep deprived and traumatized since I let her fall out of bed. So we will see how well I did describing our ecu-mergent bunch and how we use twitter and face book to communicate. We are a complex story to tell in one interview. Watch and see what you think! Maybe it will drive more folks to our site who are interested in being church with us.

en paz, Courtney

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  1. Fantastic! Church in the Cliff really does use social networking in a unique but also in the intended way; to connect to each other.

  2. As a member who lives pretty far away, I for one am really thankful for how the CitC community connects via social networking. It allows me to feel like I’m still part of what’s going on in the life of the church, even while I’m down here in Austin.

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