The Prophetic Act

Last Sunday, we talked about the prophet, Jeremiah, and the circumstances under which the book that bears his name was produced.  I read a lot of history, which means that my mind was packed with a lot of details, which rarely serves me well.  I got into the weeds a bit, so let me see if I can narrow this down a little.

Like most of the prophets whose names are remembered, Jeremiah’s life was marked by conflict.  He was the one who dared to speak the truth, even if it hurt him.  Others spoke only of good times, so they became the favorites of royalty and Jeremiah’s chief targets.  He, along with the prophetess Hulda, predicted the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the line of King David.  He even acted out his prophecies, taking on a yoke to symbolize the coming power of Babylon, so they attacked him and marginalized him.  He stayed true to his pronouncements, no matter the cost.

This week is Palm Sunday, the commemoration of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem.  Jesus stood in this long prophetic tradition with Jeremiah.  After time in Galilee ministering to the needs of his people, he came to understand that there were larger systems of power in place to keep people impoverished and dispossessed.  He began to speak out, knowing how it would end.  He went into the belly of the beast, he confronted the powers and principalities of his world, and he demanded justice.  He marked his arrival in Jerusalem with a prophetic act, a provocation that would end the week with his death.

Please join us this Holy Week, beginning with our Palm Sunday service tomorrow at 11am at Church in the Cliff.  See the sidebar for other events or follow us on Facebook for more details.

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