We’ve been in a quasi-series throughout Eastertide, talking about the early Christian communities represented in Acts and 1 John.  In particular, we’ve been looking at the struggle for identity through doctrine and practice.  Unfortunately, that struggle has too often – not just in the early Church, but in every incarnation since – been decided in favor of doctrine, even at the expense of love.  So, my summary for the quasi-series is this: any time the Church (that is us) chooses doctrine over love, we are missing the point.  Further, if doctrine does not move us to love, it is false.

This week we’re going to take a little side trip leading into Pentecost.  Thursday was Ascension Day, the day we celebrate Jesus’ ascension into heaven to be with God until his final return.  At least, that’s the story that Luke tells.  Only Luke finds it necessary to explain why Jesus, who the Gospels seem to agree rose bodily from the dead, is not still walking around today.  The way the author chooses to explain it is pretty fantastic.

I don’t just mean fantastic like “really cool,” but actually containing elements of fantasy.  Luke-Acts is the story of a cosmic battle between good and evil.  Jesus is the hero.  Perhaps, Jesus is the superhero, flying up into the sky like Superman.  I’ll say more about that tomorrow, but I want to go ahead and provide the test questions in advance, so that you can all study and do your best.

  1. If Jesus is a superhero, what is his superpower?  I know it is tempting to say “everything,” but maybe think about what superpower you might count on in a time of need.  Or what would worry the villains of this world.
  2. If we are to be like Jesus, what is your superpower?  How do you use it?

I look forward to hearing your responses this Sunday, 11am at Church in the Cliff.

Grace & Peace,

Neighbors in Need

On Wednesday night, the apartment building next to the church was hit by a speeding car.  All three occupants of the car were killed.  Fortunately, none of the residents were hurt, but they are all displaced due to massive damage to the building.  Folks here in the neighborhood are trying to raise $6000 to help them with repairs.  Please give whatever you can.

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