Rejoice! (Plus: A Note from the Board!)

People might not guess that I suffer from depression because I laugh a lot.  In fact, I know a lot of depressed people who laugh a lot.  Perhaps a bleak outlook makes us really appreciate the moments of joy.  We wring out every drop.

This week of Advent is dedicated to joy.  As I’ve mentioned, Advent is a time of judgment and repentance.  In order to move into the light, this new birth of God into the world, we must take stock, which can be a maudlin business.  Shortly after Advent evolved into the pre-Christmas ritual, people realized that we need a break.

Advent marks the end – the end of the world, the end of everything we know.  But it is the end that yields to the beginning.  We’re of two minds, taking stock of the past, but anticipating the great joy of the holiday to come.  So this week we take a break and pretend that Christmas has already come, that the light has already broken through, just so we can imagine what that will be like, just so we can have a taste.

This is the reality of life.  There’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the world right now, as we have discussed in church the last couple of weeks.  But there’s some great stuff, too, peeking in for just a moment here and there.  As a church, we have a new building that we’re working to bring into shape.  We’re already connecting with community groups to wring every drop of joy out of the place.  So this week, we celebrate!  We rejoice!  It will be just a moment before we have to get back to work to make that moment of joy more than just a moment and more than just our own.

Please join us this week, 11am at 1710 W. 10th St., as we celebrate the in-breaking of God’s light into the world.  I’ll be out of town, but the conversation will be ably lead by our Board Moderator, Janalee.  I can’t think of any person more qualified to talk about joy!

Grace & Peace,


Our church has adopted two families this year for Christmas. One family includes a pregnant 21-year-old woman, a 1 year-old-girl, and 2-year-old girl. The other family is a single 50-year-old woman. There are still some items on their wish lists, so please sign up to bring them a joyful Christmas.

Please don’t wrap the gifts! Just put a note on them designating who the gift is for. You can bring the gifts to church this Sunday, Dec. 14.

A Note from the Board

If you haven’t visited our new space, I hope you will very soon! It is teeming with possibility and we are very excited to make it a “home” for our community. I’d like to take a minute to thank our pastor Scott for all the visits to the city offices and all the very “glamorous” tasks he’s completed to get this space ready for move-in. Thanks for your diligence Scott! Also, Fred and Jen have lent their architectural and design knowledge to make ready our space and satisfy the city’s requirements. The whole board and many other community members have worked hard to make this move possible. Big thanks to everyone who helped!

There’s still work to do! There are three ways you can help. Please consider how you’d like to be involved.

Make a year-end contribution. The board has worked diligently to ensure that the move is affordable as possible for the community. Yet as you would imagine, setting up house will require some financial resources. Gifts have already been designated for this move, and we’d like to spend as little as possible of our current cash on hand. Would you consider making a year-end gift to Church in the Cliff to furnish and equip our new space? Your gift will make great things possible for our community in the coming year/s. If you can’t attend one of our remaining service in 2014, you can mail your gift to Church in the Cliff at P.O. Box 5072 Dallas TX 75208.

Lend your time and paint brush. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be laying carpet tiles, painting, installing blinds, and doing other general tasks. Please email Mikal Beth at if you have some time over the next two weeks to help with some of these tasks, particularly the painting. Also feel free to donate any brushes or painting supplies you may have at home.

Help plan or promote our Ephiphany party! Our time during advent is devoted to preparing our home, and for epiphany, we want to throw a “get to know us” celebration for the neighborhood. We’re still nailing down the date, but it will be the first week in January. We’ll have activities for children and refreshments for adults. Contact Janalee at if you’d like to help with planning and preparation.

It’s been good to be a part of creating a home for our community during the season of hope. I believe there are really great things in store for Church in the Cliff in 2015. Let’s continue dreaming and scheming together. Thanks!

Hope, peace, and joy,

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