At Pentecost, it is easy to focus on the drama and weirdness, the wind and fire, speaking in tongues.  It’s exciting!  Unfortunately, it sets up the kinds of questions that dominate conversations about faith in this day and age:  Is it really true?  Did it really happen?  Did it happen this way, with miracles and strange supernatural events?  Those questions really narrow the field.  Instead, perhaps we should ask why this matters at all.  What do these signs signify?  What kind of world are these signs a sign of?  What kind of world do they construct?  These questions aren’t answered by test or logic; these questions are answered by living.

This is exactly what the early Christians did.  After the rush of wind died down and the tongues of fire ceased, they were left with the very ordinary task of living together.  But somehow, the ordinary had now become extraordinary.  The coming of the Spirit meant that their lives were different.  In fact, they themselves were different.  Now a meal was a sacrament.  Wealth was a way to help others in need.  Now their prayers were answered in the way they treated one another, with gratitude and grace.

Please join us this Sunday, 11am at the Kessler, as we try to live into this inspiring story.

Grace and Peace,

Potluck Picnic in the Park

This Wednesday, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is performing for free in Kidd Springs Park.  The music begins at 8pm, but there is a pre-concert festival starting at 6pm.  Bring blankets, bug spray and some picnicky food to share.  I’ll have tater salad.  There are rumors of sno-cones, but we’ll see.  Hope to see you there!

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