PDF Coming Today… For Real

So Scott and I and others are re-learning the humble lesson of how long last minute tasks take to do when collaborating with a group. The PDF downloadable meditation guide is ready, I just sent the wrong ‘final draft’ to scott last night so he was unable to post it. In my defense I had just gotten back from the doctor to have my stitches removed and said doctor declared that I have a ‘wound infection’ and so I am on some drugs and likely not thinking straight. The pdf is done and beautiful and will be up later today. if you would like it in the meantime please contact me cdpinkerton@gmail.com.

The downloadable meditation guide is already moving folks even in its draft form. I share here some feedback from a friend who previewed the guide. she is living in another city and engaged in a new church plant:

oh, corina, this is so beautiful…. it makes me want to scrap all our holy week liturgies and just do this. thank you for sharing it.
truly, reading about your stations in the last few days has made me pause and think about the churchiness of our worship… on the one hand, i love it (after all, one of my cpe colleagues christened me “liturgy girl”)… on the other hand, i think of all the room outside the liturgy there is for creativity, for reaching out, for re-thinking what church and church space can be. my congregation thinks of itself as a missional one, outward facing, and yet so much of what we do is invite people in… why not go out to them instead? what might that look like?
we are a mere infant church, only months old, and so at this time it seems appropriate to go with what is known–too much, too new, too fast is a recipe for burnout… and yet i want to take time to pause, in this holy week and after it, to think about how we might hit the pause button on our churchiness and see how else we might co-create in our worship with our living god…
thank you, friend, for inspiring these thoughts.

And I say thank you to all of our writers, artists, volunteers. God is on the move, and PDF meditation guide will be here soon.

love to you all

cdp, community pastor, churchinthecliff.org

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