Nothing is Wasted: Advent 2010

Community Events

Dec 1 Prayer Party, 7pm

Come down to the Horsey House tomorrow night to recycle prayers from our liturgical history and create new ones together. We are one of 150 book release parties for Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals so 20+ new folks will be joining us from around the metroplex as we explore the book and talk about how and where we pray our lives. 830 Bishop Ave.

Dec 3-4., Emerging Christianity/Non-Dual Thinking Conference

Join a crew from CitC and 500+ other folks for two days of lively conversation about the “emerging” future of Christianity and moving beyond either/or thinking. And Courtney’s first panel speaking gig. Check it out!

Dec 8 Recycling Party, 7pm

Not sure if plastic number 7 is recyclable? Looking for places to return plastic bags? Wonder what to do with lids? Jen Mauldin, certified green architect and lovely human, is hosting a party to answer all questions about the blue bin. Come to learn what’s in and what’s out. (word on the street is you might get the chance to create a Christmas ornament out of recycled materials!) call 214 233-4605 for directions/details. 

Dec 15 Gobs of Cob Party, 7pm

Catalina and Luis host and direct Art of Peace, a home-based learning community for young children in the heart of Oak Cliff. They are designing and building a sustainable classroom in their backyard using a very old method of building with earth. Cob is quite similar to adobe, but instead of creating uniform blocks cob is normally applied by hand in large gobs (or cobs) which can be tossed from one person to another during the building process. Sound fun? Come to share a meal and get intimate with some cob. 432 Marshalldell Ave

Dec 22 CitC Christmas Eve and Electronic Recycling Service 7pm

We know it’s a little early but some peeps are going out of town. Scott and Lisa host our Christmas Eve gathering. Join us for a simple service, meal, and candles. And bring your unwanted electronics– printers, cell phones, whatever you’ve got! We’ll recycle them. Children welcome! 221 S. Edgefield Ave

All throughout Advent you will find our CitC composter in the small garden by west entrance to Kidd Springs Rec Center. Drop off your veggie scraps and coffee grounds and come worship with us! 11:08 am. 711 W. Canty

What does a composter have to do with Advent? This is the season of holy and growing darkness, of darkness that is alive! Advent darkness holds a lot inside, like rich back dirt. The liturgical color, deep blue/black, has a velvety depth and reminds us that dark can be a color of its own. And that God is at work in the dark. And we wait in this season for the Christ Child but also we wait and watch for our own transformation: trusting that nothing in our lives is ever wasted. God can recycle our failures and hold our sadness, grief, and confusion. We are installing our composter into a little enclosed garden by the west entrance to the Kidd Springs Recreation Center.  (No we don’t have official permission, per se, but how much trouble can we get into for donating a composter to a garden?)

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