Music as Meditation

Our resident rock star, Paul Semrad, will be leading us this week in a conversation about how music can function as a form of meditation. Paul has been organizing our music team the past several months at CitC and incarnates the search for God in both the sacred and the secular.  His mother was the music director at a local church so he grew up, starting en utero, with the hymns and other sacred music of the Christian tradition. He then spent the bulk of his early adulthood as a rock star in the Dallas band, Course of Empire. No, I’m serious. Check him out in these videosI spent a good chunk of the morning enjoying their music online and perusing their Wikipedia page. All rock stars, wannabees, and the rest of us are invited to join Paul this week as we consider how making music and appreciating music can draw us into a centered space with God.


Please join us tonight at 6:30 at Wes and Teri’s place (1406 Eastus Dr. Dallas) to eat some quesadillas and maybe even to make some music together!  En paz, Courtney

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