Moving Forward into an Unknown Place

So I am getting a big lesson in ‘enoughness’ this week. My whole family is down with bronchitus. It is not pretty but reminds me of the simple lessons that I forget when moving faster– the beauty of the moon even as you hold and rock a feverish little one, the joy of a comfortable bed when your body aches or a meal made by a loving partner. It is all enough.
And part of the journey into enough is also one of asking for and receiving help, acknowledging that it is in our inter-woven state, a community of individuals who support each other, that we are in fact enough. So Paul today graciously agreed to write the reflection, which I include below. He is a man of many talents- and I am thankful for his time on this day when he also is hosting our community meal and making home-made pizzas! Please bring an appetite and an open heart as we continue to walk together in this season of preparation.  peace, Courtney
Paul’s Reflection:
How often in our daily lives do we get distracted from what we are up to by petty squabbles and naysayers?  In fact, how often do we act as our own naysayers?  When do we say enough to the challenges designed to derail us or place someone else’s hang-ups on us? 
It is likely that the Pharisees and Herod felt it was important to preserve the political structure in which they lived, not merely to maintain their meager power but because they truly feared the destruction of Israel.  They don’t want Jesus to upset this.  Jesus sees that it is not possible to sustain this and despite the tendency for Jerusalem to murder  prophets, desires for all Jerusalem’s people to gather under his loving wings
I have a tendency towards distraction…
                                                                                         hold on, need to check Facebook…
Often my need to be right will waylay my desire to share. There are a thousand things I need to do, right now, and yet it is more important that I find out who the second recording engineer on The Beatle’s Abby Road  album was (Alan Parsons).
A large part of this is just the product of an unfocused mind but if I dig deep enough I would also find that part of me that is afraid of moving forward into an unknown place. A part that worries if I move off the same pathway I always choose, it will be very unpleasant. How many new ways of being have I killed off because of my reliance on “they way I always do it”?  Join us tonight as we reflect on this and other provocative questions.
PS. A few details about tonight… its pizza night, please bring money to contribute, we will have homemade cheese and non-cheese pizza for all our different Lenten practices. Also we need to get a new list of Wednesday night meal providers.Lastly, the girlscout cookies are in if you ordered from us you can pick them up tonight or we can bring them sunday. 6:30 Casa Semrad108 South Rosemont Ave. 214. 233-4605 for more info.

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