Over the past two Sundays we collected over $900 for Partners in Health, an organization that provides community-based health care in Haiti and other developing countries around the world.  They have over twenty years of experience working on the ground in Haiti’s poorest communities and are well equipped both to respond to the crisis and help rebuild the health infrastructure over the long term. Thank you to Ron for his passionate appeal and for all that donated. We will also accept contributions tonight. I’m hoping to send in an even grand, thanks be to God!

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  1. To whom may it concern.
    I am a Korean-American and am member of Korean Presbyterian Church. I am planing to to go to Haiti in the middle of Aug.
    My desire is to prepare the story of the gospel in their language and practice before i go. Can anyone help?
    Thank you.

  2. Dear Lan,

    Our work with Haiti has been through Partners of Health, an organization that provides quality health care to the poor. I’m sorry that we cannot help with the launguage. None of us speak Creole! Hope that you have a beautiful and life-filled journey.

  3. I wanted some info only adopting a haitain family. I wanted to be of service or send money to the family. I wanted to be in comunication with them first. I may try and visit first. Can you help me this?

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