Looking For a Miracle

Tomorrow is Easter, the day that Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the day that, for many, defines what the faith is entirely about.  I have to admit, I always have a little trouble making the shift from Lent to Eastertide, the season between Easter and Pentecost.  Maybe I’m just a Lent kind of guy with a dark turn of mind.  Whatever it is, it is hard to think about the resurrection and still fully experience Holy Week, the memory of the Passion.

As I was brought into the faith, it seemed that the death and resurrection were always spoken of in one breath.  The death was my fault, but the resurrection was my hope.  Put in that context, it is hard to want to focus on the death part.  My church did not observe Holy Week at all; suddenly it was Easter.  However, it is really important to take the death part for what it is, to fully embrace the reality of our limitations, to grieve loss and injustice.

Easter will come, but it is not today.  Today is a day spent in the tomb, hoping for a miracle.  I have every confidence that the miracle will come and I look forward to celebrating it with you.  Tomorrow.

Please join us in that celebration, tomorrow morning at 11am at Church in the Cliff.  After our Easter Sunday Service, we will have a potluck brunch – if you know anything about this church, you know you should not miss that! – and an egg hunt for kids of all ages.  I hope to see you on the other side!

Grace & Peace,

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