Lights, Camels, Action! Epihany Party Tonight!

Howdy, Church goers, Community participants and Folks in the CitC group cause you know we need someone to keep an eye on us.

Tonight is the night of Epiphantastic goodness! Epiphany means “manifestation” or “appearance” and I hope you make yourself manifest tonight at the Horsey House. (830 N Bishop Ave. Dallas, TX 75208). 6ish.

We will make crowns. Eat a simple dinner. And for those that are up for the adventure have a wine tasting.

A general head count would be lovely. And a couple of bucks to help cover the cost of the event would be helpful too if you are able. If you want to bring something, bring firewood or the last of your Christmas candy.

Let your star be the glowing lights of Methodist hospital as you wander from the East (or West, or North, or South) to our gathering tonight.


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