Join Courtney for Desert Mothers and Fathers Small Group

Ever crave a little time in the desert? Ever feel like retreating to a cave with nothing more than a mat, a sheepskin rug, and a vessel for water? Wonder how God might sound with all that Big Silence?

The Desert Mothers and Fathers speak to us from just such an arid, windblown landscape during a transitional time in the life of the Jesus Movement. In the fourth century they retreated from the urban centers of the Roman Empire to the deserts of Egypt and Palestine to live lives of simplicity, hospitality, and silence. Almost all we have left from them are a collection of sayings which are acerbic, refreshingly honest and medicine for the soul.

 I’m craving a little straight talk from those who have walked before and also in need of conversation and community to balance out some of the holy quiet of life with a new baby. So starting next Thursday night, October 21, I’m hosting a small group to engage with a tiny and lovely book by Thomas Merton called The Wisdom of the Desert. 7-9pm. We will meet for four weeks and drink cider and eat popcorn.

All are welcome! The first week will be an intro and I will have copies of the book to buy. I hope that folks will be able to commit to all four weeks and also to a heartfelt engagement with the group. Participants will be invited to experiment with different manners of entering inside these lessons from the past: by sitting in silence, by visiting a local park or nature preserve, by journaling, listening mindfully to music, or creating an art project. Each week we will share with each other what we heard by sitting with this wisdom from the desert.

Questions? Interested? Please send me an email so I know how many folks are planning on participating. Call or email for directions to our place in the Kiestwood area of Oak Cliff.

Peace and All Good things,

Courtney  214. 233-4605

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