Iranian Art Show Update

First, just an update from last week. Scott, Kristin and I have been prayerfully considering how our community could support Fereshteh and the other women in the Iranian Democratic Society who approached us about a potential speaker series/photo show. After hearing more of their story and reflecting on the very tight time frame (they hope to put this together for next month or so) we feel that the human rights/amnesty international community at SMU is a better fit for this year’s event. Kristin is working with them to leverage her relationships at SMU to hopefully open some doors.
Fereshteh was thankful for our time and attention and says she looks forward to collaborating in the future. Her message is posted below:
Dear Friends at Church in the Cliff,
Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet and know each other.
After talking to Courtney Sunday afternoon and understand that we may not be able to work together for our event, still we wish for future opportunities for some joint event and collaboration . Kristin, as Courtney suggested, Pari will contact you and see if we can get some help from Amnesty at SMU.
Best Regard and Peace and Justice for All,

Each week I post one entry that relates to our ongoing conversation about how to love the world back to life. One of the joys of pastoring a church such as Church in the Cliff is how engaged this community is in social investment of various forms. We give money, we organize, we volunteer, we help each other, we enter into relationship with the poor, locally and globally. Please post comments or suggestions here. Thanks, Courtney 

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