I Don’t Know What to Say

The high liturgical seasons are behind us and now we enter “ordinary time.”  No fancy name, like “Eastertide;” it is just called “the Season after Pentecost.”  I like ordinary time, though.  We get to spread out a bit, immerse ourselves in the stories of Jesus’ ministry, this year from the Gospel of Mark.  Maybe pick up some of Paul’s writings, or maybe even read the old texts about Samuel and Saul and David. This week is a wealth of great material, so much so that I’m having trouble pulling it together.

The devisers of the lectionary like to fill ordinary time with some special days, and this is one of them.  Well, two of them, actually.  This is Trinity Sunday, the day when we celebrate the mystery of the Trinity.  Since the Trinity is never explicitly stated in Scripture, it seems like they just picked some stuff at random: Isaiah eating a hot coal and Jesus talking to Nicodemus about rebirth.  Great texts!

It is also, inexplicably, the day some traditions celebrate the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth in the Gospel of Luke.  They pair that with the song of Hannah on which the Magnificat is based.  Three great female characters of the Bible singing songs of justice and hope.  I can’t pass that up.

And there’s a little bit of Paul in there, too, exhorting us to love one another.

I’m not yet sure what I will say tomorrow.  I may not say anything at all, just let y’all do all the talking.  In any case, I trust the Spirit of God to be present, as we say each week, in Scripture, within us, and among us so that the word of God will be proclaimed.

Please join us this Sunday, 11am at Church in the Cliff, as we celebrate the rich tradition of our sacred texts.  We’ll talk about the doctrine of the Trinity and the Incarnation and musicals and justice.  Bring your Bibles.  Really.

Grace & Peace,
Collection for Flood Victims

Remember, this Sunday we will be collecting items for flood victims in Wimberley. A friend of CitC will be traveling there next Friday, June 5, to hand deliver the donations. We’re collecting clothes, toys, non-perishable food, gift cards to grocery stores/Wal-Mart, and other items to help people get back on their feet.

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