This coming week marks the end of Christmastide, which culminates in Epiphany on Monday. In Advent, we anticipated the coming of the Incarnation, the Anointed One of God, who will make everything new and set everything right. There is a great mystery in Advent, wonder and awe at what might be. Then the baby is born. As many new parents have probably experienced, it changes a lot of things. More than that, it changes constantly. I’ve observed a lot of parents and there is still a lot of wonder and mystery: What does she want? Why is she doing that? Who is this child? Who will she become? What is my part in this? A babe has been born to the world; now comes the real work.

I’m sure all parents – and all people doing new things, really – hope that there will come a time when it all makes sense. Some days are better than others. You might be pretty sure she’s hungry, but that doesn’t always work. Maybe she has an earache. You hope nothing is really wrong. Even with all the books out now, every child is a special, crying snowflake. And then you hand her a shoe and she’s happy as a clam. It’s a small victory, but it’s an epiphany. You had it right, just that once. Maybe you do know something, after all.

An epiphany doesn’t tell us everything. And the things it tells us probably feel more certain than they actually are. After all, there is living to be done. This is just the beginning: of revelation, of what we know, of work, of life, of love. Epiphany tells us who this child is and it feels like a victory. We should celebrate! But it is just the beginning. Who will this child become? What will the world be for his presence? What is our part?

Please join us this Sunday, 11am at Kidd Springs Rec Center, as we talk about what it means to have God with us and what we might know about it. Remember, we also have our monthly community meeting at the end of the service where we will vote on the operating budget that was presented at our last community meeting in December. Hope to see you!

Grace and Peace,

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