Eating as a Spiritual Practice

Centering Summer 2009
Wednesday  1 July

Center in God
Experimenting with Practices that Nourish
Scripture Passage – Luke 14:7-24
This summer we are exploring spiritual practices from within our community of faith and our Oak Cliff neighborhood. Join us as we share with each other means for connecting with God in the here and now.
Week 5  Eating  (Sunday July 5)
Week 6  Fasting (Sunday July 12)
Week 7  Music as Meditation (Sunday July 19) 
Week 8 Cultivating Relationships (Sunday July 26)

“The spiritual life is first of all a life. It is not merely something to be known and studied, it is to be lived.” — Thomas Merton 

Jesus focused a lot on eating in his ministry. There are ten stories in the Gospel of Luke alone which take place around a table, including the powerful parable of the ‘Great Dinner’ which we will explore this week. So what does it mean to claim eating as a spiritual practice? What are the marks of mindful eating? How does pleasure in eating relate to it as a spiritual discipline? Can eating be a kind of body prayer for us both as individuals and as the body of Christ?

If so, how do we differentiate between ‘regular’ meals and ‘sacred’ ones? Is there a way to buy, prepare, and consume food which points us to God?
Many questions this week. Join us tonight for a community meal as we live our way into some answers.  
en paz, in peace

PS. 6.30pm Community Meal here in the ‘Cliff. Call 214 233-4605 for directions.  Paul is making a soup and salad and invites folks to bring bread and dessert.

I also want to thank the transition team and nominating committee for your work in guiding the church and equipping us with a strong leadership body for the future (if you want to read more about the process we have been through in selecting this new board, check out the transition blog 


Congratulations to our new board, elected on Sunday!

Moderator: Ross Prater
Trustee: James Fairchild
Clerk: Kristin Schutz
Treasurer: John Means
Trustee: Cara Stoneham 

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