(oh snap, that’s us plannin’ logistics…. photos by Rob’s fancy pants phone)

The downloadable PDF is to the right in the links area. Print out and take with you. With your camera and journal.

Step 1: Park in the Mockingbird Station lot or designated DART parking.

Step 2: Bring three dollars (3USD per person) for your DART ticket.

Step 3: Go to the machine and buy a Local Day Pass. KEEP YOUR TICKET.

Step 4: Do the DART Stations of the Cross meditation. Remember, you must catch the 5:54PM train from Mockingbird to participate in the “drop off” at 8th and Corinth and the 7 min Guerilla Good Friday Service at the Westmoreland Station.

Step 5: After the “service” – get back on the train and ride back to Mockingbird with the group with your original ticket back to Mockingbird and your car.

Trinity Hall is located in Mockingbird Station for those thirsty ones. How appropriate.


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