Dancing toward Justice

I’ll be out of town this Sunday, but fortunately our church is packed with great people.  Lindsey Mosher Trozzo will be filling in for me.  Lindsey is currently working on her dissertation on the ethics of the Gospel of John.  From our chat this evening it seems like this Sunday will be an extension of our conversation last Sunday with a slightly different lens and, of course, a different voice to frame things.

The lectionary presents us with David’s celebration at the return of the ark as well as Amos’s proclamation of judgment on the nation of Israel.  Given the news of the last few weeks, how do we live in the tension of celebrating the milestones on the way to justice while continuing to press for more?  Who are we in those opposing moments?

Please join us this Sunday, 11am at Church in the Cliff, as we talk about the way we stagger, stumble, and dance toward justice.

Grace & Peace,

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