Christmas Cramps

Twelve is completeness: twelve inches in a foot, twelve disciples, twelve houses in the zodiac, twelve to a dozen, and twelve jurors in the box. We need all twelve days of Christmas to make meaning out of the intimacy of Christmas Eve — that moment where our vulnerability and God’s vulnerability co-mingle. We need time to digest, to marinate in mystery, to integrate our experience of ‘out-of-time-ness’ into regular time, ordinary time, quotidian time.

Ideally Christmas is a season, not just a day, but most of us don’t get much of a holiday after the holidays. And this gives us a big cramp. A psychic rupture. Something akin to what happens when you go swimming too soon after a big meal.

This rupture is felt not only on the individual level but also in our social world. It is one of the many reasons people don’t like Christmas.

Consequently, it is subversive to claim some time to lounge with community and to hang out with the ineffable during these twelve holy days and starry nights. And I suggest we all do it. So this Sunday morning we are going to enjoy some easy time together: singing favorite Christmas hymns, lighting candles, sipping hot cocoa and a take-away!

We are going to enjoy some easy time together this Sunday : singing favorite hymns, lighting candles, sipping hot cocoa and a meditation on the twelve days of Christmas (with a take-away!) Join us 11AM ish at Kidd Spings Rec Center. 711 W. Canty

And next Thursday, Jan 6 everyone is invited to our CitC Epiphany Wine-Tasting/Crown-Making Party. Epiphany is a three-fold celebration: the arrival of the Magi, Jesus’ baptism in the river Jordan, and his first miracle of turning water to wine. Lori is leading us in a wine tasting of Epiphany-themed varieties and Teri is organizing crafts and tasty vittles. Not into wine? Come create a crown or doorway blessing for your home. All are welcome! Horsey House, 830 N. Bishop Ave

(Interested in contributing a bottle of wine for the tasting? They are available at Whole Foods and World Market. email and I’ll send you a pic of the label.)

Also, save the date. Saturday Jan 15 in the morning the CitC board is going to lead us in a pilgrimage to check out three potential new spaces for our worship given the renovation of Kidd Springs in 2011. More details to come!

**Grateful to Chris Hill’s Holidays and Holy Nights for aid in this reflection (and Stephanie for gifting me the book)

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