Choosing our Stations

We had a wonderful conversation yesterday at Bolsa taking next steps for this project. I am moving all conversation regarding pairing our ‘meditation artists’ with their station to the blog to facilitate the process. As of right now, this is where we are:

The Stations:

#1 Jesus is condemned to death — Mockingbird –lara
#2 Jesus is given his cross — City Place –genny
#3 Jesus falls the first time — Pearl –tonya
#4 Jesus meets His Mother — St. Paul —courtney
#5 Simon of Cyrene carries the cross — Akard –genny
#6 Veronica wipes the face of Jesus — West End –lara
#7 Jesus falls the second time — Union — tonya
#8 Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem — Convention Center —genny
#9 Jesus falls the third time — Cedars — tonya
#10 Jesus is stripped of His garments — 8th and Corinth —courtney
#11 Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the cross — Zoo — lara
#12 Jesus dies on the cross — Tyler —john
#13 Jesus’ body is removed from the cross — Hampton –pl
#14 Jesus is laid in the tomb and covered in incense — Westmoreland

Here is what we are co-creating: a meditation guide available online for folks to download and use as a sort of prompt while they ride the rails from Mockingbird station to Westmoreland on good Friday. the experience will culminate in a guerrilla liturgy at westmoreland and the group will return together to mockingbird in the same car.

this is really happening people– yet another indication that God is on the move, literally! This whole project is very lean. just really about inviting people to wake up to their own reality, own landscape, own lives in a fresh way. Ideally, we need to have the poems/meditations in by this Wednesday so Lara Arp can make our meditation guide and we can get it up on our site a couple of weeks before Good Friday.

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