Angels: Resurrection Stories

Since we talked demons for Lent and it was all depressing, we thought we would turn those frowns upside down for Eastertide and talk about angels. As I’m sure we all remember, demons are the voices in our heads that tell us we are not good enough and the world is not abundant enough for peace and justice. These voices distract us from the voice of God calling out to us. Angels are those voices of God.

We will start the series off by looking at angels in the resurrection stories. All the gospels differ in their accounts of what exactly happened in the tomb when the women showed up to prepare Jesus’ body. The number of angels differs. What they say differs. Who is present differs. Please join us this Sunday at 11am at the Kessler Theater as we discuss what difference these differences make.

In the coming weeks, we will look at angels throughout Scripture as messengers from God. We will talk about the kinds of messages they bring – good news, judgment, protection – and what else they might do. We hope to see you during the seven Sundays of Eastertide.

Grace and Peace,

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