Action Meditation to benefit Aids Services of Dallas

Our downloadable meditation guide will be availalbe tomm (Wed). I wanted to post the intro to the guide today to give people more time to gather donations for dallas aids services, ( before friday. see below for requested items. peace, cdp

DART Stations of the Cross

DART Stations of the Cross is a community response art installation. It is presented by CityGallery – an interdisciplinary group of artists, poets, philosophers, theologians, social activists and musicians that uses the city of Dallas as their gallery. DART Stations of the Cross explores Good Friday through meditation and mass transit. It is an opportunity to move through the final hours of Jesus’ life and enter into Jesus’ journey — living it, reflecting on it, and seeing how it impacts our life now.
Participants are encouraged to provide a response through images and stories from riding the rails. As a public art experience, Dart Stations of the Cross will be on Good Friday, April 10, between 4-8 pm. Participants are invited to join Church in the Cliff, an emergent congregation in Oak Cliff, for a guerilla Good Friday service at 7pm at Westmoreland Station before returning via train to Mockingbird Station.

Note: the last train to catch is the 5:54 pm if you plan on both disembarking at the 8th and Corinth stop
(our ‘action meditation’) and participating in the liturgy at Westmoreland station at 7 pm.

Things to Bring for the Ride:
Journal to capture reflections or stories
(please share via our CitygalleryFlickr group

Digital Camera for images & video to share via our CitygalleryFlickr group

Checkbook for Contribution/Material Goods (new socks/underwear, laundry detergent, toilet paper, toothpaste, facial tissue, razors, & deodorant) to benefit Aids Services of Dallas. These items will be collected by a volunteer at the Dart Stop at 8th & Corinth.

Open Eyes for an Art Experience that is a Life Experience

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