DART Stations Creative Process

Entering into this creative process of experiencing the Stations of the Cross has invited me into a spiritual and social exercise. Writing the meditations was a process of “entering in” to the journey or a collective consciousness of what “entering in” means. This will be the first time I have ever entered a Dart Station or taken a ride on it. Ironically I pass one of these stations everyday and scan the faces of those who do and create my own stories about their journeys and what causes them to “enter in.” Meditating on the suffering Jesus rattles, inspires and challenges me on a personal, spiritual and social level. How then does the suffering we encounter in community and throughout the world speak to the act of “entering in?

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  1. Entering in seems like an appropriate spiritual discipline to heal our natural tendency to opt out. Suffering is something we insulate ourselves from instead of entering in to it. If we reflect on our senses we find that the world outside is giving us the world inside. We are already in touch with the world outside through our bodies. The world outside comes inside and gives us our Selves. Looking, listening, smelling, tasting, and touching the world is a way of entering in to the world but also a way of the world entering in to us. I am looking forward to this Stations of the Cross.

  2. Tonya – If you hate the pic I took of you with my phone, I’ll take it down. You look so meditative though. At Bolsa, no less.

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