How to Read the Bible: Introduction

Growing up in a Southern Baptist church, the Bible was at the center of most of what we did.  We were Protestants, which meant that we believed in the power of the Bible alone to guide our lives.  And, because we were Baptists, we might yell at you if you disagreed.  Looking back, I often think we worshipped the Bible …

Church as body not building

Paul outlines in his letter to the Corinthians a vision of a church which is not a building, but a body of people, caring for one another, sharing the work of God in the world. As a church without a building, I wonder how this description sounds to our community. The past few months I have been reflecting a lot on our worship space and feel grateful for it. I love that we are nestled there in between a view of pond and ducks on one side and the sounds of basketball games on the other. We worship between creation and community, with no where to hide except perhaps in the shadow of God’s wings.