Filling the Ark

We have a week to go on our Heifer mission project and we are over half way there, having raised $2, 664.66 — a testimony to faith and hard work in a church of our size. Now it is time to share Iris’ vision and our story with a broader audience and to invite others to partner with us! We have one of every animal on the ark. lets see if we can get the pair! We now have a link for online donations through the secure heifer website.


Sometimes this thing my Methodist friends lovingly call “the discernment process” is a rollercoaster ride. At least it is for me. There are the high points, like marrying my friends on Saturday. In moments like that, filled with beauty and love, I think I could be a minister. Then I started my class on premarital counseling. When I signed up …

The Practice of Feeling Pain

Pain is clarifying. When in real physical pain one’s interest in other things is superseded by the NOW of moving through acute bodily distress. In this state there is not much energy left to attend to relational complexities or remember the books yet read, or work yet done. This week I was struck by an infection that morphed into a …

Sustainably Grown Soul Food

This Sunday Church in the Cliff will be worshipping on a football field turned organic farm: Paul Quinn College’s Food for Good Urban Farm. Now this may be a rookie mistake on my part — the moving of our eleven oclock worship service to a new venue. Have you ever been to a church that relocated their main gathering just to …

Church on the Farm– this Sunday

Sunday June 5 Church in the Cliff is taking our show on the road. We will be gathering at a football field turned organic farm: Paul Quinn College’s Food for Good Urban Farm. 10am tour and weed pick. 11am service. wear a hat and sun protective clothing and join us!