Over the past two Sundays we collected over $900 for Partners in Health, an organization that provides community-based health care in Haiti and other developing countries around the world.  They have over twenty years of experience working on the ground in Haiti’s poorest communities and are well equipped both to respond to the crisis and help rebuild the health infrastructure …

Be Not Afraid

But Yahweh doesn’t stop there. He also speaks to the objection in Jeremiah’s heart, the one too tender to name. Yahweh, firmly and lovingly tells him “Do not be afraid, I am with you.”

What is the relationship between fear and responding to God’s call? I think the two may be more intertwined than we realize.

Church as body not building

Paul outlines in his letter to the Corinthians a vision of a church which is not a building, but a body of people, caring for one another, sharing the work of God in the world. As a church without a building, I wonder how this description sounds to our community. The past few months I have been reflecting a lot on our worship space and feel grateful for it. I love that we are nestled there in between a view of pond and ducks on one side and the sounds of basketball games on the other. We worship between creation and community, with no where to hide except perhaps in the shadow of God’s wings.

Partners in Health in Haiti

Partners in Health is an organization which inspires me greatly. They build relationships with the global poor to improve health. I have a good friend in Boston who is their grant-writer/manager and several other friends who support their work, including Sandy who forwarded me an email today asking if our, and I quote “superfly church is interested in making a special …

Gifts on the Green

Spiritual gifts are not merit badges of holiness or signs of approval from a paternalistic Godhead. Rather they are God’s response to the needs of our communities. And as people on the Jesus Way, our job is to do our own inner work, to get out of our own way, to allow God’s gifts to manifest through us.